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  Our goal for you is that Willen Health be the choice for not only Pain Relief but also offering a Natural Holistic Approach. We take pride in offering patients a well grounded choice of chiropractic that offers a variety of Innovative Therapies and avenues to overall health. We incorporate the most recent advances in the care of patients with acute and chronic pain. Willen Health offers care, for Neck pain, Back pain, Nutrition, Detoxification, Allergies, Sinus conditions plus Fibromyalgia.

When you first enter you will meet our staff. Sally and Felecia have been with Dr. Willen since he opened his practice and will make you feel like you are part of their family. Initially, Dr. Willen will than talk with you and do an exam. He will than review his findings and give you his best recommendations. The more time you spend with Dr. Willen and his staff the more you will feel secure in making Willen Health your choice for good health and well being.

Dr. Willen typically uses a diversified technique that is performed with his hands. But, he also can use a device called the Activator Instrument, if the patient prefers. Willen Health offers a variety of therapy. We have new traction and massage chairs that make you feel wonderful and at the same time are offering enhancement to Dr. Willen’s adjustments. We have innovative pure infrared beds with traction that assists with swelling, inflammation and pain. Plus, we have rehab that helps prevent scar tissue and permanent injury. Dr. Willen also uses Homeopathic remedies and is one of the first to study the Cranio-Biotic technique for the treatment of difficult allergies and sinus conditions. We also have Aqua Detox for the fast removal of heavy metals, poisons and toxins.

Most patients currently are not only concerned with their back pain but they are concerned with their total well being. That includes Nutrition and Weight Loss. Dr. Willen uses extensive nutrition in his practice and helps lead the patient to healthier choices. And finally, we have just instituted a successful Weight Loss Program that includes a machine that helps reduce total body fat and inches.

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